Ovülasyon Takip Cihazı

iFertracker continuously monitors body temperature overnight to establish true Basal Body Temperature, which has been found to occur prior to awaking. Moreover, the device pairs with the iFertracker app to provide accurate predictions ahead of time for both your fertile window and ovulation day. Data syncs via Bluetooth and the app automatically converts it into an easy-to-read BBT chart. It’s easily and comfortably worn under the arm overnight and our advanced algorithm filters out any noise, providing you with unrivaled convenience and accuracy.

No more worrying about waking up in the middle of the night or not moving a muscle in the mornings so you can get an accurate temp! Stay in bed a little longer. Go get that glass of water at 3am. Snuggle up to your significant other before work. FINALLY, you can sleep in without worrying about ruining your BBT.