Fertility Tracker

  • Precise Data: Worn under the armpit, the sensor collects 20,000 temperature data pinots as you sleep, providing more accurate BBT reading for ovulation prediction.
  • Smart Analysis for ovulation prediction: Our app automatically records data, charts BBT trends, and monitors physiological responses and movements, forecasting ovulation to help you conceive more easily.
  • Flash memory is up to 240 hours data storage.
  • Cloud storage provides data access at anytime.
  • Accurate to within 0.05°C or 0.09°F


Less Shake Less Stress
Advanced Technology improve not only your quality of life, but also your confidence
360 degree stabilization solution, offsetting 85% unwanted tremor from the intended movement of your hand

Intelligent high-speed servo control system provides fast and accurate stabilization

Attitude algorithm technology used for UAV improves its stable level

Automatically distinguishes between intentional hand motion and unconscious tremor, only detect unconscious tremor


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