Solunum Ölçer

The Smart Spirometer is a portable pulmonary function monitor for clinics, nursing facilities and homes for daily test. It’s especially suitable for COPD and Asthma patients to do daily measurements and disease managing. Combined with wireless technologies (Bluetooth & GSM), mobile App and cloud platform, it helps patients to track their pulmonary health with ease and to prevent exacerbations


Smart  Portable Spirometer


  • Great for self-monitoring, tracking and managing COPD and Asthma;

  • Measures PEF, PEF% predicted, FEV1, FEV1% predicted, FVC and FEV1/FVC;

  • Simple to use and easy to read (results shown in colored scale);

  • Bluetooth or GSM model;

  • Cloud based mobile App;

  • Predicted warning based on data trend;

  • Comprehensive weekly report;

  • User community forum.